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My 2023 Race Schedule

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Hey there! As I'm slowly recovering from a rough year of injury, I am coming up with a race schedule for next year to hold myself accountable and provide a way for myself to get back into sport slowly and safely.

The schedule is tentative and subject to change, nonetheless here it is!

Anza Borrego Desert Festival | Jan 14-15, 2023

I will be attending, but mostly for fun and to judge my shape as the injury progresses. Not intending to race too hard.

Cal All Comers | Jan 29, 2023

I'll probably either attend this one or the next one depending on how I feel and how it fits into my schedule. But it would be nice to get a track race in at some point, potentially a 3000m.

Cal All Comers 2 | Feb 19, 2023

Either this one or the previous one (most likely this one) just judging based on fitness and schedule.

Dish Run | February 26, 2023

Not sure whether I'll compete, but it's on my radar. Whether I'll be able to handle that much downhill on pavement is definitely up in the air.

Stanford Treeathlon | March 5, 2023

I've been doing a decent amount of cross training as a result of my injury and I'm interested in trying out my skills in a triathlon. Mostly just planning to do this for fun and try to get some of my friends to join me.

Flying Pig XXV | Mar 24–26, 2023

I will definitely be attending and if this ends up being the team trials then I want to compete at a decently high level. Although I'll mainly be using this as a way to judge how I'm recovering.

NIRCA Track & Field Nationals | April, 2023

Not really going to be focusing on Track and Field this season, but if I'm in decent shape I'd love to attend Nationals since it's really fun to go with the team. I'm just going to have to make sure to run at least 1 track race before this.

West Point NRE | Apr 15–16, 2023

Depends on whether this is team trials or not.

WOC Switzerland 2023 | July 11-16 2023

Not sure in what kind of shape I will be in. Probably not very good, but I would still enjoy running some races either way. Depends on what sort of plans I'll have this summer.

North American Championships | July 17-24 2023

This will be tough being back to back with WOC, but hopefully I'll be in good enough shape to perform well at both. Most likely I'll just avoid doing the Long Distance at WOC and it will be fine.

More to come!