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Hi, my name is Anthony. At the time of writing this I just finished my sophomore year at Stanford and I am currently interning at Apple.

I previously hosted a blog on WordPress but I decided to create my own website from scratch so I could customize it and add new cool features like the Dashboard which is currently still under development.

You can find links to everything you need in the footer. If you are interested in how this website was built stick around, otherwise thanks for reading!

Behind the Scenes

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For this project I decided to go with Next JS which is by far the most popular modern web framework. The only other framework I really have experience with is Svelte and SvelteKit which is a great framework but I decided to prioritize the convenience of deploying on Vercel (the company that created Next JS) as well as just the comfort writing code in React.

What does the website actually use behind the scenes? Like most people I decided to go with Firebase to do the backend work. Right now all that I'm doing is storing post views in a database but I intend to be using it more later as I expand the website.

The blog is statically rendered by Next JS and uses MDXRemote which is a package the parses markdown files, or in this case MDX files, and converts it into HTML. That's what you are reading right now.